When your schedule is full, but your life feels empty.
Do you ever feel like you’re stretched too thin? That the revolving door of schedules and appointments and commitments keeps you from living the life God has for you — a life full of peace, contentment and joy?

How can you take care of yourself when you’re busy taking care of everyone else?

We hope you’ll join us for our next Online Bible Study, Breathe. Join Priscilla Shirer on a journey to discovering what it means to rest as God intended, and how to do that in a world that seems to demand more from you each day.

During the Breathe Bible study, you will learn to:

  • Break free from the grip of busyness and schedules by learning the biblical importance of resting.
  • Erase the idea that resting is “doing nothing” and instead embrace stillness as God originally intended.
  • Gain insight into what's causing you to feel overwhelmed and understand what it means to observe the Sabbath in today’s modern culture.


The Online Bible Study for Breathe begins Nov. 12. Register today!


How it works:

Once you’ve signed up for the study, all study-related blog posts will be sent directly to your email as they become available. The blog posts will also appear here on the study page (scroll down to view the blog posts). Though you can find us on many other outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, our studies do not take place on those platforms.

Buy your book:

To get the most out of our studies, we recommend you buy the book we’re studying. For this study, we’ll be using the book Breathe by Priscilla Shirer, which you can purchase in the Proverbs 31 Ministries Bookstore or in a book retailer of your choice.

Other items you'll need:

You’ll need a Bible, a notebook and something to write with. 


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Study Products

Breathe: Making Room for Sabbath by Priscilla Shirer

When your schedule feels full, but your life feels empty. Do you ever feel like the revolving door of schedules and commitments keeps you from living the life God has for you - a life full of peace, contentment and joy? Join Priscilla Shirer on a journey to discovering what…

Will I Ever Be Satisfied? The Breathe Teaching Series

Note: This is an audio product, not a book. Does life seem unmanageable, overwhelming and too fast-paced? Like you could use some rest? Rest is more than stopping an activity, rearranging a busy schedule, or checking off a to-do list. Living life this way never satisfies. Through this teaching series,…

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